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What is Inspection Protection?

Inspection Protection are your fully licensed/accredited and insured Building Inspection Specialists who perform comprehensive professional Pre Purchase Building Inspection and Reporting. We can also organise a Building Pest Inspection on your behalf should you require both a Building Inspection and Pest Inspection.

Pre-Purchase Property Building Inspections, Smoke Alarm testing and compliance inspections, Electrical wiring inspections and compliance reports, Water and Moisture Inspections and reporting, Rental Property independant inspection and report to protect your rental bond, Mould inspection and reporting, Meth Residue testing and reporting of residential properties.

With over 35years extensive experience in the building and construction industry, you can be assured that our knowledge and expertise will be invaluable when you appoint us to perform any of the specialised building inspections that we offer. We perform all inspections to the relevant International & Australian Standards/codes to ensure you the best possible service available.

Armidale Building Inspection Specialists. Servicing the New England and North West NSW Regions.

Please click on the relevant inspection TAB at the top of this page to view more information in regards to your Building Inspection requirements, or send us a email or text and we will be in contact.


You wouldnt appoint your G.P Doctor to perfrom your open heart surgery, You would appoint a specialist Heart Surgeon at what ever the $cost maybe.

We at Inspection Protection are your Specialist Open Heart Surgeon when it comes to your Building Inspections.

Pre Purchase Building & Timber Pest Inspections

Smoke Alarm Inspect/Test/Compliance

Rental Ingoing/Outgoing Inspection Reports

Meth Residue Testing & Report of Residential Properties

Water/Moisture Inspection & Reports

Electrical Wiring Inspection/Test & Compliance

Mould Inspection & Report

How can you protect your future?

Protect yourself and your future by appointing Inspection Protection to perform your comprehensive Building Inspection & Written Report. Dont be caught out with an unwanted financial or health burden by appointing non-licensed/non-accredited persons to perform your inspections. Appointing Inspection Protection will be the best decision you will make. Armidale Property Inspection Specialists.

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Inspection Protection
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Inspection Protection

Building Inspections Armidale.

Pre-Purchase Property Inspections, Mould Inspections, Water/Moisture Inspections, Smoke Alarm Inspections/Testing/Compliance, Electrical Inspections & Compliance Certificates, Meth Residue Inspections and Testing.

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