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Protect yourself and avoid messy Tribunal Hearings and possible loss of your bond.

The ingoing and outgoing condition report is probably the most important document for anyone that is about to sign up a rental agreement. The condition reports need to be comprehensive and detailed with conclusive evidence of the state of the property when the tenant enters into the property and exits the property rental agreement. Time and time again I see tenants hauled through tribunal because something was missed on the ingoing report and the Real Estate Agent/Landlord take the tenant to tribunal to deduct the damages from their bond by way of a formal tribunal order. The tenants states that the damage was there when they moved in- But they cant prove it because the ingoing report did not mention any damage.

We are all human and make mistakes. But missing something on a ingoing condition report can cost you all of your bond for something that you did not do. We all get busy and the Real Estate Agent/landlord may be hurrying to do the ingoing report to give you access to the property and yes things get overlooked in the panic to make the property available to you or the agent just doesnt have a eye for detail and gets sloppy with the ingoing report. Well guess who pays for this in the long run? Yep thats right, YOU the tenant get caught out and lose your bond.

Inspection Protection are fully licensed Real Estate/Stk and Station Agents with an eye for detail. We will perform a thorough ingoing inspection report leaving no stone unturned, protecting you from losing your precious hard earned bond. We wont be in a rush and miss anything. We have performed thousands of ingoing inspection reports and are unbiased in our report, because we dont represent the Real Estate Agent or the Landlord.


Appoint Inspection Protection to perform your thorough ingoing property condition report and have peace of mind that you wont be slugged for property damage that you did not perform.

Dont be order to go to Tribunal to Defend your Bond

Dont be ordered to go to Tribunal to Defend your Bond

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