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Water/Moisture Inspection & Report

Water damage can occur in your home as the result of leaking or burst water pipes, overflowing sinks or bathtubs, as well as sewage backflow or blocked up toilets or storm water damage just to mention a few. Many water leaks within a home are undetectable by the human naked eye, they are hidden behind or in the building structure and has the ability to get into places you might not think to look until it is too late. The shower and bath within the standard residential home is the number cause for water penetration to areas that cause major water damage. Some of the smallest water/moisture leaks can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs if they go undetected, most of which can be avoided by regular inspection and maintenance. 

Inspection Protection have inspected/scoped and performed numerous water damage restoration jobs for insurance companies and the home owner direct, from the smallest job right up having to remove all the wall linings, ceilings and flooring and kitchens of larger water damage loss jobs. Water damage to a building structure can quickly turn into a expensive mould remediation job if the leak is not detected early and the structure is left to absorb the moisture. Yes, mould loves damp wet building structures as it is a huge source of food for mould.

Inspection Protection have first hand experience and building knowledge along with state of the art FLIR thermal imaging cameras, Moisture detection meters and borescopes to perform a thorough water and moisture inspection to your home without having to remove or perform intrusive damage to your home.

Once the inspection has been performed we can also draft a scope of works outlining the restoration process and works that are required to ensure that your home is remediated appropriately. Ohhhhhh yes, there are some cowboys in the restoration industry that will come and throw a few air mover fans and a few dehumidifiers in your home and say "Shes all good now. Shes dry". When in actual fact they havent dried your home to an acceptable level, all they have done is allow the mould to thrive and spread the mould spores further into/across your home and cross contaminate your whole house.

There are many many factors to consider when a water leak occurs and if not approached in the appropriate manner, the issues usually become worse and put your property and your health at further risk.

Should you ever have to submit an insurance claim in for water damage, Remember that you have the right as the home owner to request whom ever you wish to perform the inspection/report/remediation works. It is your right, despite what the insurance company or THEIR appointed delegates try to talk you into. Usually the insurance companies and THEIR delegates just want to do it as cheaply as they can. Then YOU dont get your home remediated to a professional acceptable level.

We at Inspection Protection are IICRC {Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification} certified and trained and perform all works in accordance with the international standards ANSI/IICRC S500-2015.

Ignore your posiible water leaks and you run the risk of huge mould issues which are detrimental to your health and wellbeing.

Call us first, dont be blind sided by other sub standard water inspections or remediation.



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